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At Smith & Co. we work with several clients on a sales agency basis. Very often clients decide that they would like to partner with us with their go to market strategy. They can benefit from our consultancy in its truest form. We start the journey by looking at your product or service and its potential place in the market. We decide on a data strategy before building a sales team to execute across all relevant target territories.


BAG Media specialise, through golf, in helping Golf Clubs, Resorts, Corporate Days and Companies promote themselves and archive their big events. As a newly formed company in this niche area, they strive to work with their clients to provide tailored video content of the highest quality. 

Phone Pulse Ireland are an established telecoms solutions provider. With over 30 years' experience, they provide onsite, hosted, VoIP or contact centre phone solutions. They also provide several niche telecommunication products in Ireland and across the globe and we are proud to partner with them in their business development approach.


Tired of paying large electricity and gas supply bills?

At Smith & Co we offer a free of charge brokerage and management service for your utility bills.

Simply contact us and we will do the rest…

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