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MVPRockets is a digital transformation/product studio  built by top Engineering, Design & Product folks, who have worked in top tech companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Thoughtworks & in multiple successful startups like Freecharge, Simplilearn & Babajob. 


Not only are the founders ex-entrepreneurs, but they have built a team filled with ex-entrepreneurs and folks from other marquee startups - the likes of whom you would never find in other services organisations. 


They work like a startup - emphasise on high quality product design, iterative development & hi-tech culture all the while balancing long term thinking, complying with security & legal compliances that are often ignored by the startups. 


This team has built multiple products(for both startups & corporate ventures) that have been funded by YCombinator, Accel, Jungle ventures & many more marquee venture investors & are currently helping forward thinking corporate houses reinvent themselves with category defining tech products.


Our conversational AI and automation solutions allow agents to reduce their handling times whilst having more meaningful conversations with customers that build loyalty. Reduce your staff and customer churn with VKY. Contact us today to understand how we’re increasing self service and reducing average handling times by over 30% whilst improving customer experience.


Every organisation is unique, which means your automation journey should be too. We take the time to understand your processes. Then, we equip you with the right technology to accelerate your business. Our typical engagement process involves:


Process analysis - We study your processes through focused workshops to help us accurately understand the current state of play.


Identify opportunities for AI and Automation - We spotlight the areas where automation can bring commercial benefits in the shortest amount of time.


Solution deployment - We deliver the first solution in weeks not months all in a cost-neutral way.


Build a long term partnership - We forge a path into the future, showing you the possibilities for AI across your organisation with the plan to make them a reality.’


Companies track every aspect of their customer service workflows and analyse that data to improve processes wherever possible. However, the data contained in each agent response goes unused. TypeGenie offers companies a way to utilise their historic ticket data by integrating their previous messages to customers into a customised AI typing assistant. By offering previously used sentences as typing suggestions to customer service agents TypeGenie can improve agent typing speed by up to 35% on tickets without compromising the quality of the language used. This speeds up ticket resolution while maintaining the company's brand tone of voice and keeping a human touch to their customer service offering.

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