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Data on a Touch Pad
Data on a Touch Pad

What Sales Data do you need to support and improve sales performance?

Smith & Co. gathers valuable insights from Sales Data that can improve talent strategy, strengthen buyer playbooks and solidifies deal outcomes. We have access to live and constantly updated target customer information, which can identify buying propensities and even current install base information to give your business that competitive edge.

What Is Sales Data?

Map The Buying 


Delivering Global B2B Data Excellence

Supercharge your business with our unmatched global coverage. No other B2B data provider in the industry offers qualified contacts, professional profiles, and company profiles like Rhetorik does. 


Do you need to Data for your Sales Team?

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Today’s buyers have higher expectations than ever before. They want sellers to understand their business, offer insights and communicate with them. But they also want to understand the value of sellers’ solutions.

Yet sellers often cannot explain their value, because buyers don’t view sellers as a top resource when making a buying decision. In fact, buyers facing business challenges ranked sellers 9th out of 10 go-to resources, behind industry publications, vendor websites and web searches.


In a challenging market, Smith & Co. have the perfect data solution for ambitious sales departments across all verticals.


Our clients can leverage our aggregation of analytics platforms using current and historical customer data to provide your sales managers with greater visibility into opportunities, such as revealing who the most suitable low hanging fruit customers are for your business. Our clients can now use this information to coach their sales teams – or our outsource staff, on which actions to pursue – and avoid – to bring excellent sales results.

Data is the lifeblood of sales organisations. But what exactly is sales data?


Sales data includes any information that organisations use to make decisions relating to their sales teams. This includes data that helps organisations make decisions about hiring sellers, positioning their offering, reaching out to buyers and more.


But many organisations are swimming in too much data from their sales technology stack and can’t maximise its value. On the other hand, organisations may not know the best way to analyse their data, resulting in the addition of tools to try to gather more information.


Capturing the right types of data is essential to Sales Transformation. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 types of sales data and how each can help improve your performance.

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